Episode 2 – Creative Wastelands & Tantalizing Subcultures

The Little & The Much Anne Perry Maura BurgessWhen you are nobody nowhere, you can be anything and go anywhere. This insight comes from a Martha Beck book – it blows our mind, and pretty much sums up the latest episode of The Little & The Much.

Instead of directing Life, what if you let Life live through you? This is not the way we’ve been taught in our society, yet it opens up worlds. Judgement releases, compassion and adventure emerge.

You may start seeing people for who they really truly are (even that a-hole that lied to your face). You may end up joining in on something you would have scoffed at in the past. You never know what will unexpectedly rock your world.

Like, maybe, *ahem* monster trucks, chasing chickens, RV subculture, zombie video games. #dontjudgeus.


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Listen to the show and then answer us this:

  • What is some “dumb shit” that you have a strong opinion about?
Are you a part of a sub-culture you never thought would be in your life? Give us a peek into the unique weirdness.
  • Who else has been in a creative wasteland? What did you learn in the abyss while waiting for the next adventure begin?


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We Love You.
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Make sure you never miss
an episode of
The Little & The Much!

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