Episode 3 – Spiritual Tantrums & Reality Upgrades

The Little & The Much Anne Perry Maura BurgessWe don’t have to pretend life is always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes the swampy muck that resides in the depths of our souls is exactly where we need to go. Sometimes we must throw spiritual tantrums. Feel it all, let it rage, scream into that damn pillow. Being real is the new thinking positive.

Wanna know what else being real is? It’s being honest about who you are now, not who you were then. See if you can catch yourself making decisions about what you can and cannot do, be, or have, based on your past reality. Are you still buying dehydrated ramen noodles when you could be eating filet mignon?

Go ahead and ponder that – meanwhile, we will be screaming into our pillows or watching Grease 2.


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Listen to the show and then answer us this:

  • Are you comfortable with throwing spiritual tantrums or is it taboo territory? Tell us about the last spiritual tantrum you threw.
  • What is an area in your life that you sometimes forget to let your “present” self take the helm and you resort to your “past” self?
  • Grease 1 vs. Grease 2 – Which do you love? Have you even seen the damn movies or the stage musical?


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We Love You.
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