Episode 4 – When the Cosmos is Kooky

Episode 4 Image - The Little the MuchHoooo boy, is it just us or has the energy felt kinda heavy lately? Like that dream when you’re trying to run but it feels like you’re moving through molasses. Or like you’re a little bug being crushed under the thumb of God. Dramatic? Maybe. But hey, sometimes you gotta be real.

And sometimes you gotta bring a bit of irreverence to the situation and lighten things up a bit – like that one time we created the best analogy ever for POOP. (And by “that one time” we mean in this episode of The Little & The Much).

So yeah – we talk karma, surrender, punching bullies, admitting shortcomings, flying dreams, and the ol’ #jokingnotjoking approach of direct communication (it works for us!).


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Listen to the show and then answer us this:

  • How do you navigate through the molasses when the energy is heavy? Better yet, how do you POOP? (You gotta tune in to find out what POOP stands for)
  • What are your best ways of communicating directly yet kindly? Let’s all help each other master this one!
  • Dream time – What wild dreams have you had lately, and what have you learned about yourself through them?


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We Love You.
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