Episode 5 – It’s Not What You Do, It’s Who You Be

The Little & The Much - Anne Perry & Maura BurgessWhen did “What do you do” become the first question we ask when we meet new humans? We could just ask what we really want to know, like: what are your values and beliefs, are you a maniac, and should I keep your phone number or lose it immediately?

In this episode, we explored not ‘what we do,’ but ‘who we be.’ Reality architect (Anne). Finder of common ground with fellow humans (Maura). Ambassador of the unseen world (Amanda – our special guest!).

And, of course, we talked about other things too… Medieval nightclubs, chance meetings with incarnated archangels, being sex program operators, following joy to save the world, highest selves that dress like J.Lo and, you know, a little quantum physics for good measure. We had lots of fun and we know you’ll love our debut special guest, Amanda Aitken (founder of School of God).


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Listen to the show and then answer us this:

  • What’s a good get-to-know-you question that beats “what do you do?”
  • What is a “realist” and are you a fan?
  • What fascinates you? What rabbit holes do you just love to get lost in?


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We Love You.
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