Episode 7 – Secrets of the Human Casing

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Everyone has secrets. There’s the skeletons-in-the-closet type – the ones that breed shame and loneliness because we think we’re the only one. Perhaps confessing these secrets not only unburdens the soul, but also creates connection as we honor the humanness of ourselves and others.

Then there’s the tricks-to-life type secrets. Those little things you do that spark happiness, ways you think that generate magic, codes you’ve cracked that make life work.

And what better person to have this conversation with than our special guest, Abby Moneyhun? Abby is a numerologist, a powerful healer, and a wildly successful businesswoman – yet mostly a down chick that agreed to join us on this episode because we said she could talk about whatever the hell she wants.

So we talked spiders (spirit messengers or terrifying monsters), playing dress up (complete with magic wand pens), calendar shame (and other ways we hide our brilliance), and yes, we even talked about atrophied vaginas.


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Listen to the show and then answer us this:

  • Spiders – Kill them, set them free, or let them live in your hair?
  • What words make you crazy? (Hint: If you hate the word MOIST, turn down the volume at 25:37)
  • Do you use suffering to find common ground with others? What do you notice when you share your genuine successes? Can we rise without shame?

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