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AnneAnne Perry believes we get to invent our life (and career).

After spending years burdened by debt and suffocating jobs, Anne was determined to escape the hamster wheel life and leave a trail for others like her. Despite massive self-doubt (and not knowing what the hell she was doing), she eventually carved her own path to freedom and became a work-from anywhere entrepreneur – running her business from the beaches of Belize, from islands off the coast of Panama, and while traveling around the United States in a motorhome.

She has since founded Else Society – a digital society offering creative ways to experience a life connected to what matters most and a simplified path to make your most inspiring dreams possible.


MauraMaura Burgess is a Spiritual/Life Comedian and Speaker that proudly displays her certificate from the Bovine Metropolis School of Improvisation and keeps her Accounting Degree hidden in a closet.

She has served as a Spiritual Practitioner for the Centers for Spiritual Living and she facilitates The Mystical Traveling Sisters, a group of women who explore a variety of topics and spiritual modalities.

Her calling is helping people to tap into their joyful, silly side and realize the power of showing up as “themselves. She is the creator of the ‘Sacred over Serious’ experience, to encourage people to live boldly, joyfully and very irreverently.


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